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PodCast RSS Feeds – Overview –

This is a list of my current podcast RSS feeds (hundreds of them).

Sorry – it is no particular order. It’s a live doc, though, so I add to it typically an entry or so per month. Let me know of defunct entries, and their corrected feeds if any.

My interests: progressive mix of politics, finance/banking/economy, environment, foreign policy, software development, engineering, voting, eco, commons, history, philosphy, general news, labor news, law, science, utopias, health/diet …

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Here are all these podcast RSS feeds in one textfile.

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Long Podcast Playlist derived from these feeds, updated nightly

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Actual podcast RSS feeds have the text “:pcfeed:” on the right.

unauthorized disclosure Rania Khalek & Kevin Gosztola - News & Politics :pcfeed:

WXPR Local Features from the Northwoods of Wisconsin :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

Possibly on a google “banned/fake news” list. Trying it out - Nov 2017. :pcfeed:

added on Thu 17 Jun 2021 :pcfeed:

Good effort, they are learning, I hope …

Appears to be a conservative (also religious?) source: :pcfeed:

added Fri 18 Jun 2021 | The Highwire with Del Bigtree :pcfeed:

added Fri 18 Jun 2021

Act Out :pcfeed:

added Fri 12 Nov 2021

added Tue 23 Nov 2021 :pcfeed:

Re-added on Fri 30 Aug 2019 | Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center :pcfeed:

added Tue 23 Nov 2021

Not limited to RCV. :pcfeed:

Learn about the people, policies and politics of America’s state legislatures with NCSL’s three podcasts: “Our American States,” “Legislatures: The Inside Story” and “Building Democracy.”

added Tue 23 Nov 2021 :pcfeed:

Trying on Mon 01 Jul 2019 :pcfeed:

The Portal is an exploration into discovery, including conversations with thought leaders. Host Eric Weinstein, Managing Director of Thiel Capital, brings his unique expertise and diverse roster of guests for a wide range of discussions, including science, culture, business, and capitalism. The show will feature people whose lives demonstrate that portals into what we would normally consider impossible, are indeed possible. Guests include presidential candidate Andrew Yang, NY Times bestselling author Sam Harris, and retired Navy Seal and creator of the hit business podcast Jocko Willink.

added Sat 27 Nov 2021 :pcfeed:

added Fri 03 Dec 2021 :pcfeed:

added Sat 04 Dec 2021

The MARTINZ Critical Review :pcfeed:

added Tue 31 Aug 2021

wxrw riverwest Milwaukee :pcfeed:

Seems slighly broken, ie not all shows showing up.

riverwest radio from :pcfeed:

started Thu 14 May 2020

Ryan Cristián – Founder/Editor

Good , but his style is unusual, I’ve grown to respect him, and Whitney Webb.

Dr. Michael Greger

trying out on Sat 20 Mar 2021

podcast :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

Trying on Mon 01 Jul 2019

Public Interest Tech, With Bruce Schneier :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

added in early 2019?

Good, long, but a bit dry. Irregular schedule. Still listening in July 2020 :pcfeed:

added Sun 07 Mar 2021

The Dr. Gundry Podcast

< :pcfeed:

added on Sat 21 Aug 2021 :pcfeed:

“Censored stories, sensible solutions and common ground movements to fight and build.”

Male/Female team: Washington DC based comedian Lee Camp and journalist Eleanor Goldfield. “Censored stories, sensible solutions and common ground movements to fight and build.”

First tried on Sat 29 Dec 2018

Example show:

Conversational history with a focus on narrative :pcfeed:

Very good! Roughly once or twice/month. Subscripted since Tue 11 Dec 2018.

Sample: :pcfeed:

Trying out on Sat 24 Feb 2018. Liberterian?/youngish conservatives.

I give this a B or B-. Hopefully it will improve. :pcfeed:

added on Wed 12 Dec 2018 :pcfeed:

added on Wed 19 May 2021, thx to Roger J.

The John Batchelor Show :pcfeed:

added on Thu 14 Nov 2019

Usually in 12 min chunks. Very good, conservative so I often disagree; nonetheless there is valuable content. :pcfeed:

added Mon 25 Nov 2019 :pcfeed:

added Mon 02 Dec 2019 :pcfeed:

Don Debar’s CPRNEWS

A must listen show.

added Thu 09 Apr 2020 :pcfeed:

added on 12/10/2019 :pcfeed:

added Sat 02 May 2020 :pcfeed:

added Wed 06 May 2020 :pcfeed:

trying as of Sun 20 Dec 2020

The Socialist Program with Brian Becker :pcfeed:

added Sun 13 Dec 2020 :pcfeed:

The presenter is young, earnest, and fairly experienced with linux.

added Sat 05 Dec 2020

added Sat 28 Nov 2020 :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

This Week in Virology: :pcfeed:

added Tue 05 May 2020 Excellent show.

The Punch Out with Eugene Puryear - Your Daily Socialist News Hit

The Punch Out is your daily anti-capitalist news hit. Everything you need to know in 15-to-20 minutes, delivered daily, Monday-Friday at 5pm. Host Eugene Puryear breaks down what’s in the headlines, what’s behind them and what’s not there but should be. It’s a mix of analysis and reportage that’s all you need on your way home, or wherever you find yourself at 5pm ET. :pcfeed:

Found via Brian Becker on Fri 02 Apr 2021.

Apparently libertarian? Trying out. :pcfeed:

added on Sun 21 Jun 2020 :pcfeed:

added Sat 02 May 2020 :pcfeed:

added Sat 02 May 2020 :pcfeed:

added Sat 02 May 2020

added Sat 02 May 2020 :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

added on Fri 01 Jan 2021 :pcfeed:

Added on Sat 06 Feb 2021.

Seems to post infrequently. I’m not at all sure about this one.

Milwaukee DSA :pcfeed:

added Mon 04 Jan 2021

KPFK - On Contact by Chris Hedges :pcfeed:

added Fri 06 Aug 2021

Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

The Future Generations podcast is for practitioners, professionals, parents who are committed to natural living and health freedom and especially our future generations. Powerful weekly conversations with doctors, scientists, influencers and parents that have catalyzed the transformation of families, communities and the planet with their expertise, inspiration and leadership in natural living, brilliance, and self-healing. :pcfeed:

rag radio

Rag Radio is an hour-long news and public affairs program broadcast Fridays, 2-3 p.m. (CT), on KOOP 91.7-FM in Austin and rebroadcast by several other community radio stations. With roots in the Sixties underground press, Rag Radio features hour-long in-depth interviews with public figures, artists, musicians and writers, political and social activists, and historic figures in Austin and around the country. Rag Radio also features regular local and national news analysis.

Rag Radio host Thorne Dreyer

I’m not aware of a podcast RSS feed – will plan to search later. | stale? :pcfeed:

added Tue 13 Jul 2021


A conservative Christian site. :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

added Sat 10 Jul 2021

Tommy’s Podcast | Thomas Patrick Carrigan :pcfeed:

added Wed 15 Sep 2021

Occupy | wagelaborer

added Sun 10 Oct 2021

Unbreaking Science with Dr. Jack :pcfeed:

added Wed 13 Oct 2021 :pcfeed:

added Sun 17 Oct 2021

Racism, Empire, and Survival | Jack Dresser :pcfeed:

added Sun 31 Oct 2021 | Jeremy Lee Quinn :pcfeed:

added Sat 30 Oct 2021

Blindspot the road to 911 :pcfeed:

added to Sat 09 Oct 2021

Low Carb MD

Low Carb MD is a patient-centered podcast focusing on weight loss, wellness and preventative medicine. The co-hosts, Dr. Brian Lenzkes, Dr. Tro, Dr. Jason Fung & Megan Ramos will interview a new guest on each episode and walk the listeners through how they approach weight loss, wellness and disease reversal with their patients. :pcfeed:

added Thu 07 Oct 2021

NVIC | National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is a national, non-profit educational organization founded in 1982 :pcfeed:

added Sat 02 Oct 2021 :pcfeed:

added Sat 02 Oct 2021

The Fat Emperor | Ivor Cummins

Since 2012 Ivor has been intensively researching the root causes of modern chronic disease. A particular focus has been on cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. He shares his research insights at public speaking engagements around the world, revealing the key nutritional and lifestyle interventions which will deliver excellent health and personal productivity. He has recently presented at the British Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) and also at the Irish National Institute of Preventative Cardiology (NIPC) annual conferences.

The Fat Emperor Podcast :pcfeed:

added Mon 27 Sep 2021

Clay and Buck podcast :pcfeed:

added Sun 19 Sep 2021

credder :pcfeed:

added Thu 16 Sep 2021

Unlimited Hangout with Whitney Webb :pcfeed:

added Wed 07 Jul 2021

Going Rogue With Caitlin Johnstone :pcfeed:

added Sun 27 Jun 2021

podcast home: :pcfeed:

added Sun 15 Dec 2019 :pcfeed:

added on Wed 20 May 2020 :pcfeed:

added Tue 04 Feb 2020

brain health :pcfeed:

added wed mar 4 2020

Battleground WI :pcfeed:

Battleground WI |soundcloud

added Sun 08 Mar 2020 :pcfeed:

added Thu 26 Mar 2020

Not so good, so far.

Health House by Dr. Jake Dodds :pcfeed:

added Thu 05 Mar 2020 :pcfeed:

added Wed 18 Dec 2019 :pcfeed:

added Sat 01 Feb 2020 :pcfeed:

added Wed 29 Jan 2020 :pcfeed:

added Thu 26 Dec 2019 :pcfeed:

added on Sun 30 Dec 2018 per suggestion from


 Artist: NYC Skeptics
 Title: Rationally Speaking #239 - Saloni Dattani on “The debate over whether male and female brains are different” :pcfeed:

added/trying Fri 22 Nov 2019


Very good / anti-war. Scott Horton is a great, down to earth, humble, hard working interviewer/researcher. Very active in anti work since at least the early 2000s. Solid knowledge of the alphabet soup list of USA/Saudi controlled “terrorist” forces. He has an interestly list of repeat guests, but keeps adding new ones. :pcfeed:

added Tue 05 Nov 2019

Math :pcfeed:

added Sun 13 Jun 2021 :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

added on Tue 15 Jun 2021 :pcfeed:

added Wed 13 Nov 2019 :pcfeed:

added Tue 05 Nov 2019 :pcfeed:

added Sun 10 Nov 2019 :pcfeed:

About future focused science fiction.

added on Sun 30 Dec 2018 per suggestion from :pcfeed:

added on Mon 04 Nov 2019

The Smart Author podcast guides writers step-by-step from the very basics of ebook publishing to more advanced topics, all with an eye toward helping authors make their books more discoverable, more desirable and more enjoyable to readers. Presented by Mark Coker, the founder of Smashwords. :pcfeed:

added/trying on Thu 24 Oct 2019 :pcfeed:

added on Sun 30 Dec 2018 / from :pcfeed:

added on Sun 30 Dec 2018 :pcfeed:

added on Sun 30 Dec 2018

Vergecast :pcfeed:

Trying out Vergecast Tue 30 Oct 2018. :pcfeed:

trying out logosmedia Fri 07 Dec 2018 :pcfeed:

Trying mayfirst out on Mon 18 Jun 2018.


# :pcfeed:

added Thu 12 Aug 2021

The Tenpenny Files Podcast :pcfeed:

added Tue 10 Aug 2021

Top Doctor Magazine :pcfeed:

added Sun 08 Aug 2021


equal citizen | Lawrence Lessig :pcfeed:

Excellent show hosted by Lawrence Lessig | equal citizen yt chan

I have followed equal citizen since Tue 19 Feb 2019. | equal citizen yt chan :pcfeed: added Wed 20 Feb 2019 :pcfeed:

Tryingout americanfreepress on Sun 07 Oct 2018. :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

Trying out on Fri 22 Feb 2019. :pcfeed:

revolutionaryleftradio added Mon 25 Feb 2019 :pcfeed:

trying on Thu 23 Aug 2018

Nikola Danaylov :pcfeed:/./

Good – this guy works very hard, and has earned my respect. :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

Very good.

Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

Trying SingularityBlog out Tue 10 Jul 2018. :pcfeed:

Trying out on Fri 22 Jun 2018.

A B pr C+. Luke has some libertarian/anti gov views. :pcfeed:

Trying out venezuelanalysis on Tue 27 Feb 2018 :pcfeed:

added on Wed 18 Jul 2018

One show is “boiler room”. Is ‘out of central Texas’ :pcfeed:

Trying out john 20zerzan Fri 02 Mar 2018 :pcfeed:

prepper :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

good show

active on Sat 25 May 2019

testing out on Wed 08 Nov 2017 :pcfeed:

testing out on Wed 08 Nov 2017 :pcfeed: Unusual Sources :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

trying/added Fri 18 Sep 2020

youdonthavetoyell by Dan Sally, from MA :pcfeed:

Jo’Nathan Kingfisher was interviewed there in Jan 2021.

Barb D interviewed there also

added Thu 21 Jan 2021 :pcfeed:/.mp3$/

Tier 0, my highest rating. Weekdays.

Active on Sat 25 May 2019.

Peter retired after the Nov 2020 election, but he does still do a podcast from time to time. :pcfeed:

The Whistleblower Newsroom, a platform by whistleblowers, for whistleblowers and about whistleblowers with journalists Celia Farber, Kristina Borjesson and their whistleblowing guests Who stood up for the truth when others wouldn’t

apparently added in Mar 2019

Sharyl Attkisson Podcast :pcfeed:

added Sun 28 Feb 2021

The Environmental Health Trust :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

Rank-and-file democracy, Working class politics, Bargaining for solidarity global-research-news-hour :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

Excellent. Weekly. Active on Sat 25 May 2019.

Micky Huff, Peter Phillips

Front Page :pcfeed:

I get a large number podcasts from the “front page link”. The challenge: there is a substantial amount of stuff I do not want to see. It is worth it though, because you are constantly exposed to new authors, ie new podcasts.

You can develop your own approach to filtering out the chaff based on seeing patterns in the URLs.

A few shows: tucradio, Phil Taylor, 911 Wakeup-up call for ex.

Peter Clay Computer & Network Security Expert

Hoping this is the guy that worked with W Binney. :pcfeed:

Loud & Clear, Brian Becker and John Kiriakou :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

Brian Becker is with answer coalition.

guns and butter Bonnie Faulkner

Unfairly banned from KPFA in late 2018 or early 2019. :pcfeed:

Christopher Lydon in conversation on arts, ideas and politics :pcfeed:

Excellent show.

MajorityReport :pcfeed:

added Wed 15 Jul 2020 per tip from Howard Switzer

thepanpsycast — An ‘informal and informative’ philosophy podcast :pcfeed:


Dr. Jack Rasmus economist, author :pcfeed:

Progressive, not too radical, non marxist (I think) economist.

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Peter Adamson, Professor of Philosophy at the LMU in Munich and at King’s College London, takes listeners through the history of philosophy, “without any gaps”. :pcfeed:

History of Indian and Africana Philosophy

Peter Adamson teams up with Jonardon Ganeri and Chike Jeffers to represent the philosophical traditions of India, Africa and the African diaspora. Website: :pcfeed:

Gary Null PRN/Progressive Radio Network :pcfeed:

Gary Null Intro :pcfeed:

progressive-commentary-hour/feed :pcfeed:

Gary Null’s best show.

Gary Null articles

world socialist news hour - daily :pcfeed:

A bit dry/expressionless, but fairly professional, and complete. :pcfeed:

This couple from USA now live in France. Economic/political analysis. Anti big bank, pro bitcoin, pro Michael Hudsun. :pcfeed:

Wonderful series by Madison WI author Mike Duncan, on revolutions starting ~1500, covering UK, France, Spain, North and South America.

The Podcast :pcfeed:

added Thu 11 Nov 2021

Command Line Heroes :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

Trying on Tue 28 May 2019

Ellen Brown , public banking :pcfeed:

active on Sat 25 May 2019, weekly

Very good.

Glen Ford, must listen: :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

Find myself listing to KPFA’s againstthegrain several times/week.

As Congress faces such burning issues as healthcare, global warming and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Pacifica’s Mitch Jesserich hosts ‘Letters and Politics’ a look at national politics from a progressive perspective.

Dennis Bernstein :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

labor show :pcfeed:

Webster G Tarpley Show created Fri afternoon, posted Sat night.

Webster G Tarpley :pcfeed:

New show typically available Saturday about 7pm. Brilliant historian. High ego, strongly opinionated FDR/Dirgist; practical catholic.

Since about the time Trump sued him Tarpley seemed to have changed for the worse – too anti Green Party/pro dem …

Mass. pirates :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

Eric Draiser :pcfeed:

Mike McCabe, WI pundit :pcfeed:

Short, about 5 min, but good.

Fri 09 Jun 2017, new/trying out :pcfeed:

R D Wolffe :pcfeed:

Science, physics, cosmology. :pcfeed:

Software/Silicon Valley tech show. Triangulation :pcfeed:

Sibel Edmonds :pcfeed:

She now has a paid service ‘Newsbud’, but may occasionally post free stuff here. :pcfeed:

Work with Marty Nemko Podcast :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

Mainstream, but sometimes good.

Science :pcfeed:

UW Madison :pcfeed:

The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast

by Michael Bazzell & Justin Carroll

Complete Privacy & Security Podcast :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

Good. Irregular schedule. :pcfeed:

Can be great, sometimes too mainstream. :pcfeed:

IRC id is “marxistvegan”; Stephen Mahood was with fsf in Boston. Is involved in a tech coop.

trying out Tue 13 Feb 2018 :pcfeed:

labor issues :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

since Oct 2017

Excellent show.

Interview of scotthorton:

citations needed podcast :pcfeed:

Media criticism/analysis/surveys; propaganda methods.

Not bad.

Trying out Sun 08 Oct 2017.

[Governor Andrew Cuomo’s daily briefing](>

added Fri 25 Dec 2020 :pcfeed:

added Sun 27 Dec 2020 :pcfeed:

Daily show. Just slightly left of center democrat (pro Hillary). 90 min of routy news/commentary, out of NorthWestern University, Evanston IL.

Talk Nation Radio :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

added Tue 26 Nov 2019

new/trying: :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed: query-created feeds

general how to


``` * deselect XML … save to file * select ‘RSS format’ * leave ‘fields to return’ on default == identifier /it is ignored/ * run search * Yank current URL for RSS feed /ie ‘y’ in vimporator /, save it in this file. * Validate your hits query feeds:[]=identifier&sort[]=&sort[]=&sort[]=&rows=50&page=1&callback=callback&output=rss#raw :pcfeed:[]=identifier&sort[]=&sort[]=&sort[]=&rows=50&page=1&callback=callback&output=rss#raw :pcfeed:[]=identifier&sort[]=&sort[]=&sort[]=&rows=50&page=1&callback=callback&output=rss#raw :pcfeed:

Paul Cienfuegos of :pcfeed:

query source and resulting feed

((Wayne Madsen) OR (Paul Craig Roberts) OR (Cynthia McKinney) OR (Peter Dale Scott) OR (David Talbot) OR (Lance deHaven-Smith) OR (Operation Mockingbird) OR (Barb Honegger) ) AND mediatype:(audio)[]=mediatype&sort[]=&sort[]=&sort[]=&rows=50&page=1&callback=callback&output=rss#raw :pcfeed:

query source and resulting feed

((Thomas Greco) OR (Federal Reserve) OR (public banking) OR (openmoney) OR (fractional reserve)) AND mediatype:(audio)[]=mediatype&sort[]=&sort[]=&sort[]=&rows=50&page=1&callback=callback&output=rss#raw :pcfeed:

query source and resulting feed

mediatype:(audio) AND ((Kevin Barrett) OR Fetzer )[]=identifier&sort[]=&sort[]=&sort[]=&rows=500&page=1&callback=callback&output=rss#raw :pcfeed:

query source and resulting feed

mediatype:(audio) AND ((Robert Owen Paxton) OR (John Remington Graham) OR (J. Michael Springmann) OR (Richard M Stallman) OR (Mark Lane) OR (Market abolitionism) OR (Umberto Pascali))[]=mediatype&sort[]=&sort[]=&sort[]=&rows=50&page=1&callback=callback&output=rss#raw :pcfeed:

query source and resulting feed

mediatype:(audio) AND ((employment law) OR (wrongful dismissal) OR (privacy rights) OR (exempt employees overtime))[]=mediatype&sort[]=&sort[]=&sort[]=&rows=50&page=1&callback=callback&output=rss#raw :pcfeed:

query source and resulting feed

mediatype:(audio) AND ( (Susan Lindauer) OR (deep state) OR radioopensource OR (David Graeber) (falseflag) OR (false flag) OR (William Blum) OR (Webster Tarpley) OR (Kevin Barrett) OR Fetzer OR 911truth OR (tax wall street party) OR (voting fraud) OR (Kathy Kelly) )[]=mediatype&sort[]=&sort[]=&sort[]=&rows=50&page=1&callback=callback&save=yes&output=rss#raw :pcfeed:

Our Interesting Times | Tim Kelly :pcfeed:

Rania Khalek / Kevin Gosztola | unauthorizeddisclosure

Good. :pcfeed:

Above feed is human friendly, with good descriptions/show notes. :pcfeed:

Trying on Fri 15 Jan 2021.,+Other+Choices :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

added on Fri 15 Jan 2021 :pcfeed:

added Sat 16 Jan 2021

wlrn-media | Women’s Liberation Radio News :pcfeed:

added on Sat 16 Jan 2021

free thinker radio

Free Thinker Radio brings you the latest uncensored news from Houston and around the world. Hosted by Micah, Derrick, and Johnny, Free Thinker Radio brings you music and news beyond the mainstream. Broadcasting from Houston, Texas since 2011, the guys joined the FM dial of Houston’s 90.1 KPFT in 2017. Find out more: / :pcfeed:

added on Sun 01 Aug 2021 :pcfeed:

Modern Money Theory. UMKC Stephanie has podcasts still, but new new ones for several years (as of Sun 11 Jun 2017). :pcfeed:

Elon Musk :pcfeed:

doing your own podcasts :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :_citeg:

The Popular Front podcast focuses on the niche details of modern warfare and under-reported conflict.

If you want to know how suicide car bombs are built, which paramilitary factions are operating where, or what volunteer militias are fighting for, this podcast is for you. It’s detailed, uncensored, and free from industry elitism. :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

added Mon 06 Dec 2021 | Paul Jay

Paul Jay is a journalist and filmmaker. He’s the founder and publisher of the and President of Counterspin Films :pcfeed:

added Sat 06 Jun 2020

Very good.

Milwaukee Community Stories :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill. A bit too “democratic party” for me.

Philip J Guo

“Philip Guo is an assistant professor of Cognitive Science and an affiliate assistant professor of Computer Science and Engineering at UC San Diego. His research spans human-computer interaction, online learning, and computing education.” :pcfeed:

Creative Good with Mark Hurst :pcfeed:

Jim Fetzer :pcfeed:

Dave Winer :pcfeed:

Occasional, about once a month.

Software developer, Dave Winer. Short 10 min very off the cuff simple 0$ budget podcasts. Mostly software, but no topic is off limits.

Actual credit for the invention of the podcasting model goes to Dave Winer. Software developer Winer helped create Really Simple Syndication (RSS) — a basic web feed simplifying the process of subscribing to websites and other online media. He used RSS to deliver his audio program, Morning Coffee Notes, just a day before Curry’s program debuted. :pcfeed: :pcfeed: no longer publishing hardly any free feeds, as of March 2016.

Ed Asner sponsors, lots of great shows, must listen:

radio ecoshock
Kevin Barrett
guns and butter
cindy shehans soapbox
project censored
boiling frogs
economic teach ins :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

the undercover economist

added Thu 29 Aug 2019 :pcfeed:

Technical, about databases, and data analysis. :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

Mike Palecek. Trying, Tue 27 Jun 2017 … :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

FCNL – added Wed 07 Oct 2020 :pcfeed:

trying on Fri 25 Sep 2020 :pcfeed:

outof date?? added Sat 26 Sep 2020

From The Trenches Radio :pcfeed:

Chicago Independent Media Center

retropod :pcfeed:

added Thu 25 Mar 2021

The MMT Podcast | Mike Norman | Discussions of Modern Monetary Theory. :pcfeed:

added Tue 22 Sep 2020

Adam Curry (“Podcast father”) :pcfeed:

Z-mag: :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

right wing, bu trying out Fri 07 Aug 2020 :pcfeed:

added Fri 24 Jul 2020

free as in freedom, talks on (GNU) software licensing Bradley Kuhn, and Karen: :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

floss weekly, wonderful show!: :pcfeed:

Fedora :pcfeed:

KPFA Your Own Health and Fitness: :pcfeed:

Russ Roberts right to center of the road Hayekian, academic enonomist: :pcfeed:

libertarian: :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

trying on Fri 16 Aug 2019

EYES LEFT is a military podcast hosted by two anti-war Army veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, Spenser Rapone and Mike Prysner, covering issues from a left-wing and socialist perspective.

EYES LEFT gives updates and progressive commentary on military news, war developments, failings of military leadership, veterans’ issues, radical military history, and how US troops can resist Trump. :pcfeed:

trying as of Thu 16 Jan 2020

< > :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

added Wed 21 Aug 2019

these three things :pcfeed:

added on Sat 24 Jul 2021 :pcfeed:

added Mon 25 May 2020


Used to get: :pcfeed:

Above does not seem to update. Aaaargh!

“Join Linux and Open Source advocates, Doc Searls and Katherine Druckman, as they navigate the new digital world, covering topics related to Linux and Open Source, as well as digital privacy, security, and other current issues.” :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

added Tue 20 Aug 2019 :pcfeed:

non political, tech related

hackerpublicradio :pcfeed: found from: :pcfeed:

several good FLOSS podcasts including Linux Action Show: :pcfeed: site that goes back to 70’s Hacker/phone freak era

off the hook :pcfeed:

off the wall :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

larouchepac :pcfeed:

trying Thu 14 May 2020

Your Legal Rights Podcast :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

libertarians :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

econ report :pcfeed:

Too right wing. :pcfeed:

may be stale :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

“creativegood” :pcfeed:,+Other+Choices :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

The Food Chain is an audience-interactive newstalk radio program that airs live on Saturdays from 9am to 10am Pacific time. The Food Chain, which has been named the Ag/News Show of the Year by California’s legislature, is hosted by Michael Olson, author of the Ben Franklin Book of the Year award-winning MetroFarm, a 576-page guide to metropolitan agriculture. :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

His youtube channel: :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

Added Fri 16 Jun 2017, just checking them out.

Added Thu 15 Jun 2017, just checking them out :pcfeed:

Added Tue 11 Sep 2018, trying out: :pcfeed: :pcfeed:

added Sun 16 May 2021

The Dan Abrams Podcast :pcfeed:

added Fri 03 Sep 2021 from sister Peg

The Delingpod: The James Delingpole Podcast :pcfeed:

added Fri 03 Sep 2021

adam fitzgerald :pcfeed:

Radio War Nerd | Gary Brecher

paid podcast:

free/stale?: :pcfeed:

added Mon 02 Aug 2021

Badger State Resistance :pcfeed:

added Thu 05 Aug 2021

RFK Jr The Defender Podcast

text descriptions: :pcfeed:

added on Sat 24 Apr 2021

Bret Weinstein | DarkHorse Podcast :_citeg: :pcfeed:

added Sun 06 Jun 2021

One Radio Network | Patrick Timpone | talk radio from the Texas Hill Country :_citeg: :pcfeed:

added Tue 18 May 2021 :pcfeed:

Good. First found on Fri 14 Sep 2018. Active as of Sat 25 May 2019. :pcfeed:

added Tue 15 Jan 2019

example show: